Welcome to Ethics of Magic 101! My name is mari4212, and traceria and I will be your instructors.

This course will be about the ethical quandaries of magic as presented in the Harry Potter world, with attention focused on morality, ethical uses of various aspects of magic, and analysis of the ethical systems and choices presented in the books. We will also explore what the study of ethics is, how to present an argument with proofs, and various ethical systems already existent in the Muggle world.

The course structure will primarily be lecture with discussion (counting as homework), occasional quizzes, and at the end of the term, an essay on an ethical topic of your choice, which will be graded as the test. The Point Distribution Chart can be found in the wizard card.

Understand that this subject is one in which the course invariably builds upon previously covered material, it is not conducive to dropping in and out. Therefore, if you miss a week or join the course later, you will be expected to read back through all of the lectures that you have missed, and do all the homework.

Ground rules for the class:
1. Respect the opinions of others. Remember, ethics and morality are subjective opinions, and if someone disagrees with you, respect their viewpoints. Ad hominem* attacks will not be tolerated and will result in you being expelled from the class. You will receive one warning.
2. You are allowed to express your opinion, however you must back up your arguments with proofs.
3. Be open-minded.
4. Have fun with the course and the material.

Homework for this week: Introduce yourselves below, and tell us what your expectations are for this class.

Points rubric:

Points Distrubution Chart
Completed Homework10
Quizzes w/ a 70%+15
Exams w/ a 70%+ 20

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact either traceria or myself.

* According to www.dictionary.com, ad hominem means “appealing to personal considerations rather than to logic or reason.” Additionally, “Ad hominem has also recently acquired a use as a noun denoting personal attacks…”